V E N T U R A - Design on Time - a synonym for outstanding design objects chosen entirely by virtue of their good form,
function and orginality. The designers working for Ventura are integrated into every phase of construction, production and marketing.
Each object is made of the best available materials and assembled by hand with the greatest care by qualified Swiss craftsmen.
Ventura products are made for people who share the dedication and love for fine contemporary design and uncompromising quality.-

Wettstein V-matic Chronograph Front
V - MATIC Chronograph - Design :
Hannes Wettstein's extensive research on the
classic chronograph was the basis of the concept of
the V-MATIC , to replace fashion-ornaments with
bold architecture and to give to the dial its original
function as a measuring instrument.-
Enhanced by the cool color of the titanium-case,
the magnificently elaborate mechanical movement
remains the only acceptable 'decorative element'.
The centre-hub covers the 'messy' gathering of
hands, leaving the dial free of any disturbance.
VENTURA Logo Wettstein V-matic Chronograph Back
Technical specifications:
Movement type : Valjoux 7750
Assembly, fine-tuning and adjustment
by Suprod SA: Anchor/wheel in polished stainless
steel, Balance Glucydur, Spiral Nivarox 1, 28'800
vibrations p. hour (4 Hz) - average running time
44 hours.- Officially certified chronometers.-
Case:Titanium, JIS-class 2 (46Kg/mm²) hardness
150HV, surface Nitrogen-hardened (TiN) to
1'300 HV. Sapphire crystals (2), screwed - down
crown. Waterproof 20 atm (200 m).
Chronograph with turning bezelring, 60/360°
rarchet. - Waterbuffalo - leatherstrap,
double-ramborde, hand sewn, water repellent.-
Wettstein V-matic Chronograph Side

UHR 1 / UHR 2
Günter Wermekes is known as a brilliant jewelry designer, a goldsmith
by profession, - the material he has adopted as 'his' precious metal is
stainless steel , mostly in combination with diamonds.-

Fascinated by the purity of steel, Günter Wermekes knows how to work
with it like few others.- Technical complexity is used to achieve deceiving
simplicity. His objects reflect the material's strength and provide an
impression of finality.-

'Uhr 1' (round) and 'Uhr 2' (rectangular) are indentically construced,
most of the components are interchangeable. Both models have a
scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and are waterproof to 30 m.
'Uhr 1' is also available in a larger size with a self-winding mechanical
movement and date.

'Simplicity by elemination' is a credo of F.B. Hansen.-
His work is based strictly on functionality.
'FLAT' is an outstanding example for this philosophy -
an object of amazing architecture.-
Precision-crafted in a high grade steel, 'FLAT' is
available in a large and a small version.

'WATCH' was designed in 1989 and the first production
started 1990 at a time, when digital time-pieces were
totally out of fashion. Hansen's 'Watch' soon became
legendary - no other wristwatch has ever received as
many international design awards. Leading Museums
such as the Museum of Modern Art have selected
'Watch' for their contemporary design collections.
'Watch' is available in two basic versions, with a water
repellant calfskin leather strap or with a stainless steel
solid link bracelet. - Limited special editions in 18K
gold, platinium, tungsten carbide, titanium (left side)
etc. are made from time to time.
- 'Watch' and 'Flat' have a display that is protected by a scratchproof sapphire crystal and they are water resistant to 30 meters. -

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