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Herbert Ludwikowski

' Create open space,
reduce it to the essentials.'

The furniture systems designed
by Herbert Ludwikowski are
simple in their assembly and
flexible in their versatility.-

The possibilty of creating your
'own design', depending on your
personal demands makes this
modular furniture system very
' C A L Y P S O ' is a turn-able closet , available in
different surfaces, the body is made of laquered steel
or beech - the backside can have the same material
as the sides or it can have a full-lengh mirror or matt
glass.- Shelves are made of matt glass, beech or
laquered steel.- The colors for laquered surfaces are:
charcoal or dark blue.- ( RAL 7016 / RAL 5022 )
Fixtures are in polished chrome.-
Body only : 1780mmx360mmx280mm ( h / d / w )
Wall-mounting - h: 2100 without dancer
Floor-to-ceiling-mounting - h : 2400 - 2700mm

' H O O K ' coat-stand , availabe with a base made
of metal and glass or as a wall-mounting system.
The surface is available in polished or matt chrome.-
On top you can choose between a darkblue flag or
an accent cone in beech, blue, turqoise or terrazzo
Dimensions :
Hook with base - h : 1750mm
wall - mounting - h : 1350mm
' STANDBY ' is a modular system consisting of tubes
in different sizes, wall-fixtures, hanger racks, trays etc.
The surface is polished or matt chrome.
' SWING ' - a double-sided mirror
that can be rotated. Metal elements
are in stainless steel.
' S T A N D B Y ' and ' S W I N G ' are made for wall-mounting as well as for floor-to-ceiling mounting.-

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