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ALIAS products are always
a clear expression of an
identity born out of an ongoing
search for style, materials, as
well as functional, creative and
productive qualities. They
represent the live expression
of the coexistence of diverse
tendencies and ways of
viewing and designing furniture.
Spaghetti chair

Giandomenico Belotti

Because of their special
creative characteristics they
became part of the design
culture or rather more suceed
in characterizing a particular
way of furnishing public and
residential ambiances.
ALIAS products are featured
in numerous collections of
international modern art museums
- Seconda - Quinta - and
"Spaghetti" chairs are shown
in New York's MOMA.-

A few examples of the ALIAS products designed by famous architects and designers are displayed for you below.

Seconda chair

Design: Mario Botta

Chair with steel frame painted
silver or black - seat in perforated
sheet steel - silver or black -
back with two cylindrical
elements in black polyurethane.-

Tesi table

- TESI -
Design: Mario Botta

Table with perforated and stretched
steel frame painted black or silver -
crystal glass top, thickness 15mm.-

Younglady chair

Design: Paolo Rizzatto

Frame in die-cast aluminum -
polished or painted silver
or black. Seat and back
in ash with Viennese straw
covering - seat is also
available in fabric or leather.
Different colors for ash/straw
and fabrics are available.
Laleggera chair

Design: Riccardo Blumer

Frame in maple wood -
veneered with natural
maple - internal support
through polyurethane.
Grey nylon feet with three
different final parts - felt,
soft + hard rubber.
! weight: 2,39Kg !
Highframe chair

Design: Alberto Meda

Stacking chair composed
of an extruded aluminium
profile and die-cast
aluminium elements. Seat
and back in polyester net.
Frame colors: black + silver
Seat/back colors: red, blue
light grey, dark grey, black.

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